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Benir Kitchen 1 Manual Heavy Duty NO-Rust Stainless Steel Tin Cans Openers, Anti Slip Handheld Grip, Lock & Lift-Away Lid Magnet

Though it may look like a simple tool, it’s actually comprised of three different machine apparatuses. The two long arms that clamp onto the side of the can are the levers. The handle that is used to turn the can is comprised of an axle and a wheel. Lastly, the circular wheel that cuts into a can is called a wedge. Place the metal tooth (the wedge) on the lip of the can. This will automatically align the wheel of the opener to where it needs to be. Firmly squeeze the arms together. With practice, you’ll be able to tell when it’s own right. Otherwise, it could fly off the can. It is a sharp object, so you want to be careful. This begins to rotate the wheel underneath that then cuts into the can.


This type of hand held automatic can opener used to be referred to as a “stab push,” and some people still prefer to use it, even over the modern ones.
Until you get the hang of it, you may have to do it several times.
The tin can was invented in the early 1800s by an Englishman. It required some skill to open it, and people usually used rocks, chisels or knives to work their way into it. Finally, the can opener was invented in 1858, and the task became a lot easier.

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener: Open Your Cans with A Simple Push of Button - No Sharp Edge, Food-Safe and Battery Operated Handheld Can Opener

Open cans effortlessly at the press of a button! You can throw out that old can opener now. Let the future of can opening in today! Latch the Automatic Can Opener onto the can. Press the button. Wait for it to do its thing. Et voila! It’s so easy, your dog can do it. With age comes grace. Your hands deserve to be treated like royalty! Keep your hands from hurting without sacrificing your cooking. Sharp edges are now a thing of the past. Our Automatic Can Openers puncture holes around the can, instead of cutting. Congratulations, no more lacerations! The Kitchen Mama Automatic Can Opener releases the world's smallest automatic can opener! Fits perfectly in any small kitchen drawer, or inside your day bag for picnic day! Open cans at the press of a button. Attach the can opener to your can and press the button. One full rotation should do it. Effortless can be opening in one easy motion.


The last electric can opener you’ll ever need: The Kitchen Mama automatic can opener is the best hands-free solution for you! 4 AA batteries make it work like a charm Batteries not included
Easy operation: Two taps to open any cans with our electric can opener. Push the button to turn it on. It cuts cans 360° along the lid. Push the button again to stop -- EASY!
Safety design: The blade cuts along the side of the lid without touching the food inside. Leaving no sharp cuts. SUPER SAFE!
User-friendly, ergonomic design: A great help for people with challenges gripping, best friend for elderly suffering from arthritis problem.
Satisfaction guaranteed: 1-Year Warranty. Feel free to let us know if there is any way we can make you a happier customer!

Electric Can Opener, Mini Restaurant handheld Can Opener, Smooth Edge best automatic can opener

Safe and healthy equipment.Smooth edge automatic electric can opener.Smooth instead of sharp automatic can opener, safe design to protect your hands from injury.Easy operation. One-touch is enough. You can open a can of any size with the push of a button. Convenient and quick, easy to use.Different locations. Suitable for a variety of different scenarios, the chef work and family must be the best choice. Simple and convenient. No sharp edges perfect for individuals with arthritis or hand pain, requires no manual labor. Enjoy kitchen time. Allow you to enjoy the comfortable kitchen time while saving your time, unique appearance design to add luster to your kitchen. This is an automatic can opener designed for you. Perfect design. Stylish new design easily opens any size can with a button touch and storage neatly. Let you and your family have a comfortable kitchen time, comfortable life is so beautiful.


Year guarantee, please contact us for replacement if the item you received is defective.
Cuts around the side of the can to eliminate sharp and dangerous edges, creating an easily resealable lid with a smooth edge. Great for keeping food covered while preparing a meal.
This stylish kitchen gadget will self adhere to any can and automatically open it in seconds.
We suggest you give some pressure by hand on the top of the opener to let the can opener self adhere to the cans.
Effortlessly opens cans of any size at the push of a button. Please be noted that the can top the blade should be bend, it is normal and not defective.
No Sharp Edges: Perfect for individuals with arthritis or hand pain, requires no manual labor.